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     Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Visit our scholarship page.  After reading the important application instructions, click on the link to apply for the scholarships for which you qualify.


Do I have to be admitted to apply?
Students must have completed the Grand Canyon University application process and be admitted to qualify for a scholarship award.


What is the deadline for scholarship applications?
To be considered for a scholarship, all applications must be submitted by midnight, March 31.


Can I save my application and come back later to complete?
Yes!  Currently only Students Inspiring Students (SIS) applicants have this ability and must register in order to do so.


What different types of scholarships are there?
Please refer to our Scholarship Page to get information about all the GCUSF Scholarships offered.


Why do some scholarship opportunities have an award amount and other opportunities say “varies?”
Most scholarship donors allow the Scholarship Committee to determine the scholarship amount based on funding. These scholarships are noted as amount varies.  In situations where donors have specified an exact amount, the amount is noted.  The scholarship amount is affected by available funding.


Can I be awarded more than one scholarship?
Yes!  For consideration, please complete an application for all scholarships for which you qualify. You may use the same narrative for each application submitted.



When will I know I have been awarded a scholarship?
You will be notified by email  in May if you have been selected for a GCUSF Scholarship.


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