Thunder Vision

Todays Learn Thunder Vision is at the heart of who we are and what we do to serve, support and inspire young students in our community. The award-winning (ASPRA 2015) campus visitation, university student led program has transformed the lives of over 11,000, 3rd- 8th grade students by bringing into vision that college can become a reality through Thunder Vision, Thunder Vision Summit and Lope Scope. 

Thunder Vision and Lope Scope engage young students on a weekly basis with the thrill and excitement of visiting our GCU campus to tour, to learn about college and to prepare in high school for college by participating in the program, “You Are College Bound.  Are You College Ready?” 

Thunder Vision Summit invites 2,500, 7-8th graders to campus twice a year to participate in a GCU arena “You Are College Bound. Are You College Ready?” program along with a pizza lunch and campus tour. Click HERE for additional information.